Fixed my migraines

I went to Dr. Baird after seeing several other doctors about my migraine headaches. No one was able to change how I felt until I went to Dr. Baird. He explained the cause of my headaches was pressure on the nerves in my upper neck. After a short time of adjustments I was feeling much better and I continue my care 1 time per month to maintain being headache free. Thank you so much Dr. Baird
F. T.

Great Results

My husband and I have been going to Dr. Baird for well over a decade. We had never used the Activator Method before, but now that we have, we will never go back to standard chiropractic treatments. My husband’s shoulder was almost frozen after an injury from previous years. Dr. Baird worked with him until complete movement was restored. We really appreciate Dr. Baird and highly recommend him.
Ernie &